Randi Cowper

Randi Cowper

Ninja Trainer


Randi Cowper, a mom of two boys from Galway, NY, had always dreamed of competing on American Ninja Warrior.  With no ninja gyms around and nowhere to train, she convinced her husband to build a backyard ninja course and began training day-in and day-out on the many obstacles he built.  Eventually, she got the call to compete in Cleveland, OH on Season 9 of American Ninja Warrior, and although she didn’t complete the course, her passion for the sport was multiplied.

New York winters can be rather lengthy, cutting into her outdoor training, so after her ANW run, Randi decided to turn her basement into a ninja gym as well, to get as much time on the course as possible.  With redemption on her mind, Randi got the call to compete on Season 10 of American Ninja Warrior in Philadelphia, PA.

Ninja training has completely changed Randi’s life for the better.  She is stronger than she has ever been, and as someone who has always struggled with self-confidence and self-doubt, ninja training has given her a sense of purpose!  “I’m just a regular mom who got strong in every way possible through ninja training,” she says.  She can’t wait to share her love and passion for the sport and hopes it will changes the lives of others too.